Always keep the faith~

29 June 1993
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Hi~! *jumps up and down*
My name is Kendra and I'm in my mid-teens! ^-^
Somehow all of my friends end up being asian but I'm actually
African American ^-^

I'm a big fan of DBSK and Kim Jaejoong is my husband! *cough,cough*
*gets choked by Yunho* OH geez sorry Yunho! I meant to say I am
a fan of the awesome couple Yunjae~! <3
I totally love Yaoi and everything that has to do with gays ^_~
I really reallly really times infinity love YAOI! O_O

I'm also an anime freak so all hail the anime!!! *waves little anime flags*
If you have any problem with anime or yaoi don't even think about breathing the
same air as me! I will beat you off with a stick! *waves around an angry pitchfork*

Anyways hope you enjoy your stay here and may the YunJae be with you ^-^
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